About us!!

German Gomez
Owner, production expert
It all started with the love for printing. German began in the printing industry in 1992 as
a die-cutting helper, soon he became a pressman operator for large-format die-cutting
equipment, and with his expertise and interest in learning the mechanical and
operational parts of the equipment, he became a Die cutting supervisor, he learned
inside out of the die cutting equipment taking each mechanical issues as an opportunity
to learn more and more about the business. Now his next goal is to be a Plant manager
consolidate. His promotion allows him to extend his knowledge in other process steps,
such as budgeting, printing, prep, and finishing. Each new challenge becomes an
opportunity to reach the operational goal and make him more successful in his career,
and he spends six years in this position. At this moment, the idea of having his business
starts to pop up more often in his mind. But he wanted to learn more to acquire financial
and sales knowledge. With all his experience in the operational part of the business and
his passion for the process, he pushed the company to the next level, and their
business idea started to consolidate. The result got him to the next step, becoming a
General manager. Now, he was able to do not only oversize the manufacturing process
but also the quotation sales, design and proofing, and accounting. But at this moment,
our friendship become more robust.

Diana Ramirez
Owner, designer
I became part of the printing industry in 2003 as a quality inspector. My career as industrial microbiologist background specializing in process quality takes me to the quality aspect of the printing industry. My passion for color started in my childhood in Colombia with my grandpa's company and became more robust; I deep dive into the preparation and printing process. I get to promote to quality lead for the printing department until I got an offer to create the quality department of a folding cartons printing company; thanks to this opportunity, I met German.  By this moment, German was the supervisor, and I was hired as a Quality manager. I opened the quality department, created and documented all the operational processes, and learned each step of the production process; this accomplishment allowed me to expand the company goal and apply for the ISO certification; we got certified with not one corrective action after all this process the idea of getting my printing business start, I want to invest my experience and knowledge to create a unique stationery to the customer. German became my best friend, has been involved in the same business,
and has the same passion for the printing industry 47 combined years of experience turned into what today is a reality, Kamaleo press. 
 Kamaleo Press is a home-based in Forks, Pennsylvania, established on February 8th, 2023, as a small business printing shop specializing in artisanal process letterpress.